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West Monroe La.
Fax: 318-397-7828
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866 809-GUNS (4867)
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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions









The following describes the terms and conditions in which offers you use of its website and access to the products and services offered within. By purchasing merchandise through this website, you agree to abide by the policies and procedures and processes delineated within, including guarantees/warranties, pricing, online ordering, reserving special order items, mail order, payment process, refund process, shipping & handling, damaged merchandise processes.

We reserve the right to add to or revise any content of any web page at any time (excluding pricing for items already ordered and paid for unless a gross typographical error exists) as the result of seller or manufacturer pricing adjustments or any other situation which feels warrant any revisions/additions/deletions to its web pages. Content revisions may result in changes to the following policies/processes/practices, but will not apply to merchandise already ordered and paid unless a gross typographical error exists, including> guarantees/warranties, product pricing, online ordering, reserving special order items, mail order, payment process, refund process, shipping & handling, damaged merchandise, and any other policy/process/practice not heretofore mentioned. will not change the current price for an item once the "buy now" button has been submitted unless the cost is a gross typographical error. Continued purchases from our website means you agree to read and abide and comply with any changes in content of this website,

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Every Order Guaranteed! guarantees every order 100%! If you are not satisfied with our products or services, simply contact Customer Service at and we will make every effort to respond within (24) hours and we will begin processing your refund and return.. For undamaged products or goods with no detectable flaws, there will be a 25% to 30% restocking charge and no shipping costs will be refunded. Most merchandise must be returned within 10 days of ship date with reference to an assigned return authorization number. Blank Guns must be within 48 hours of receipt. Your satisfaction is important to us. We want to ensure you are absolutely delighted with our merchandise!

Blank Guns:

You must be at least 18 Years old to purchase a Blank Gun. A person 21 years old or older must sign for a blank gun delivery of an order $300.00 or more. It can be any person 21 or older, not necessarily the purchaser. In making a purchase you are stating that you are at lease 18 Years old. It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to know and comply with state and local laws pertaining to blank guns. Blank Guns have a Factory warranty against defects in material and workmanship. The warranty is not valid if damage is due to user’s abuse, misuse, and alteration, dismantle or modification of the gun or magazine, including but not limited to use of improper Blanks MM and size. Each blank gun has its size and type blanks written on it and on the site description. Please be advised ANY disassemble or alteration to any part of the blank gun or magazine whatsoever will void your warranty. Additionally, any physical damage, water, dust and/or incorrect lubricates which damage the product will also void the warranty. Unless there is a defect there is no return on blank guns or blanks after 2 days of delivery date. This is due to a history of customer abuse of a 10 return policy by using them for an event and then returning (sad but true). We have quality Blank Guns please treat them and us fairly. Enjoy!!

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Shipping & Handling

MOST ORDERS ARE SAME DAY SHIPPING; Credit card companies suggest that, to avoid credit card fraud, we ship directly to the cardholder at the billing address for the credit card used. Requests to ship to a different person or address can be done but may delay your shipment for a verification process, especially with blank gun purchases which unfortunately have a tremendous amount of credit card fraud attempts. Credit card verification when shipping to a different person or address is sometimes necessary for our protection because credit card fraud is charged back to us, the merchant instead of being absorbed by the credit card company as commonly believed so have your order shipped to the matched billing address for your credit card if possible. Most cardholders appreciate this precaution and actually thank us for it. However, if you are an existing customer or an easily recognizable business or institution the delay and verification may not apply. Usually smaller orders or orders not containing blank guns will require no delay. Please do not use a credit card that you are not authorized to use. In doing that you are literally trying to steal from us. Credit card fraud is not the victimless crime that some people try to believe. We usually discover fraud attempts during our verification process and will not ship fraudulent orders. Credit card fraud will be reported and prosecuted. Blank Firing Guns and Modern Replica weapons, defined as an item that replicates a model originally manufactured in 1898 or newer, have certain restrictions that can be met. These states have certain restrictions; New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Rhode Island, District of Columbia, Aurora and Chicago Illinois : Read the exceptions below which are allowable to ship to you. The states listed you must be using them for; Props, for theatrical/film/movie industry, training, ceremonial activities or public display for military/law enforcement, federal and local government agencies, educational institutions, private firearms/weapons training instructors, canine/horse training, sporting events/competition starter pistol. If you are in any of these categories please add its name in the "Company" space during check out as we need to have the name on your order so we can put it on your shipping label. It is the buyer’s responsibility to know and comply with any local or State restrictions for blank firing and other replica weapons. You may want to check with your local law enforcement authorities. We do not ship internationally (outside of the United States). Blanks can only ship ground. Most orders ship the day you place your order if we receive it before 2:30 PM, (possibly later if you call us) Central time on a week day. Orders placed after 2:30 PM Central time, week ends and holidays will ship the next business day. UPS shipping days and days in transit are counted as business days, Monday through Friday only. Please calculate your delivery time with that in mind. Also consider the day of the week and time of day that you place your order to calculate delivery date. Most orders are shipped United Parcel Service (UPS). A few orders with smaller items may ship United States Postal Service (USPS). A signature by someone 18 or older may be required depending on the size and cost of the shipment. If the shipper is unable to delivery to you after a couple attempts they return the item to sender, us. They usually leave a note each time they miss you letting you know that they came and when they will return. You can also contact them to arrange a pick up or different delivery date referring to the tracking number on their note. It will be the same tracking number that we email to you when your shipment is shipped. If delivery is not made and they return the shipment to sender, us UPS will charge about the same that it cost to ship it to you using the same configuration that it was shipped to you, ground, 3 day, 2 day or next day air. It will then cost more to reship your order to you. It will be the customer’s responsibility to pay those additional charges and will further delay receiving your shipment so please be sure to make final arrangements with UPS before they have to return it to us. If an item is sent back to us and then cancelled by the customer the original shipments costs is not refundable and the refund will be minus a 25% restock and handling charge since we have paid our people to process your order. The money that UPS charges to return to sender which is about the same as the original shipment cost will also be deducted from the refund since we will have to pay that amount to UPS for return service. Please make ever attempt to receive your shipment to avoid this. It will take on the average 1 to 5 business days for you to receive your merchandise depending on your location. We will email UPS tracking information to the email address that you put on your order. Please check your email and your SPAM FOLDER for your tracking numbers before calling us for your tracking number. The subject line will usually read "Tracking Number”. You may contact Customer Service at: for shipment status if it is not in your email or of course any concerns or questions.

(Orders mailed with a check or money order to our address)

Mail in orders ship the day we receive payment when a money order, certified or cashiers check is sent (guaranteed funds). Orders with personal or business check as payment will ship in about 14 days to allow the funds to clear our bank. Certain Institutional, municipal and business accounts may ship sooner. Call if you need items faster and are in that category.

Make checks payable to Seven Internet Stores. That is our parent company name. Include a note providing your name, shipping address, phone number and email address. We will need the items you are ordering SKU #, the item name, price and how many of each. Louisiana residents include 4% state sales tax. Include shipping costs as outlined below:

Order Amount
$40.00 - $100.00
$101.00 - $200.00
$201.00 - $350.00
$351.00 - $500.00
$501.00 and over we will cover

Shipping amount to add:
$15.00 swords and rifles $25.00
$18.00 swords and rifles $28.00
$21.00 swords and rifles $31.00
$25.00 swords and rifles $35.00
$30.00 swords and rifles $40.00

Call for any questions 1-866-809-4867
Mail to:
131 Greenbriar Dr.
West Monroe La.

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Merchandise must be returned within 10 days of ship date, with reference to an assigned return authorization number and must be in saleable condition with original container and packing. All funds are refunded to your credit card and/or via check. reserves the right to charge a 25% to 30% restocking fee. No shipping costs will be refunded. Blank Guns have special conditions. See Blank Guns above this.

Merchandise Returns

Include your return authorization number which must be obtained from Customer Service previous to return shipment.

We cannot be responsible for breakage, damage or loss of merchandise while in transit. Damaged shipments are to be reported to the carrier immediately. Ask carrier to make an inspection and file a claim with them. The original cartons must be held for Carrier inspection. We will be happy to assist you with any claims that may arise. In the event you desire to return your merchandise, please contact Customer Service immediately via e-mail at Keep a record of this number as proof that your return has been authorized. Merchandise must be returned within 10 days of the ship date, with reference to its return authorization # written upon the outside of the shipping container in a visible location (please do not write on the merchandise box packed inside!). Upon receipt of the damaged merchandise, we will begin processing your refund or reship whichever is your preference. NOTE: Returns will be refunded to your credit card and/or via check. No shipping costs will be refunded

Merchandise must not be returned without first contacting Customer Service for an assigned return authorization number. Contact Customer Service at:

Please note: will not be responsible for any merchandise which is not authorized for return.

Cancellation Policy

Please be certain of your order before it is placed. If you must cancel your order we will do so providing we get the request and are aware of it before the order is shipped. If it has been shipped and you still do not want the order we will refund your credit card used once the shipment is received back to us minus the shipping costs to you and back to us as the shipping company will charge us for it's return back to us if your shipment is returned to sender. We may also charge a 25% to 30% restock and handling charge as our personnel are paid to process orders thus costing us money for returned items as well. The items must be received in the original containers in the original condition that they were shipped to you in so that they may be resold as new. Again please be certain of your order before placing it.

Please contact us at if you have any further questions.

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