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Replica Guns Swords :: Civil War Weapons :: Replica Flintlock Rifles and Accessories Non Firing

Here you can buy online civil war Replica Flintlock rifles, muskets, muzzle loaders, 1860 Enfield civil war Musketoon, cavalry carbine muzzle loader, replica French musket civil war flintlock, Kentucky flintlock rifle musket with bayonet, muzzle loader shotgun, replica Brown Bess muzzle flintlock rifle with bayonet, replica percussion revolving rifle, naval blunderbuss flintlock. These are non firing Replica Flintlock rifles.
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Replica Flintlock Rifles and Accessories Non Firing

1860 Enfield Civil War Musketoon.
See details
1860 Enfield Civil War Musketoon.
SKU: 22-1046

1860 Enfield Civil War Musketoon was used by both sides during the Civil War. Its percussion lock is stamped London Armoury with the royal crown for detailed replication of the original. This 2 band musketoon features 24" blued barrel, wood stock with metal ramrod and lanyards for sling. This Ful...

Our price: $200.00

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Enfield Three-Band Percussion Rifle
See details
Enfield Three-Band Percussion Rifle
SKU: 22-1067

Enfield Three-Band Percussion Rifle. This British pattern 1853 rifled musket became the Confederate standard rifle of the Civil War. The Enfield was reliable, quick to load, Accurate and a vast improvement over smoothbore Flintlock Muskets. This Full Size Non-Firing Collector Model Comes fully as...

Our price: $250.00

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Brown Bess Musket with Bayonet
See details
Brown Bess Musket with Bayonet
SKU: 22-1054

Brown Bess Musket with Bayonet Replica. Our Brown Bess was one of the most renowned flintlock muskets ever produced. Though it is mostly recognized for its use in the Civil war The Brown Bess was also used by the English troops during the colonization of India, America and Australia. Also used by...

Our price: $225.00

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French 1763 Musket With Bayonet
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French 1763 Musket With Bayonet
SKU: 22-1036

1763 French Musket Muzzle Loader with Bayonet: Modeled after the French 1763 musket this famous rifle was used extensively throughout the American Revolution. Stamped St. Etienne on the lock plate this impressive piece measures over 72" with bayonet attached. Note bayonet does not lock in place. ...

Our price: $200.00

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French Model 1807 Flintlock Rifle Non Firing
See details
French Model 1807 Flintlock Rifle Non Firing
SKU: 22-1080-L

One of our favorites! For the price you can't beat this piece. Based on the 1807 French flintlock, this replica model gun features enticing engraving throughout the woodwork, metal furniture and butt plate. Features; Length: 44.5" Weight: 4.5 Lbs Finish: Brass with Napoleonic Crest.

Our price: $149.00

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