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Replica Guns Swords :: Replica Swords, Cutlasses, Daggers and Knives :: Replica WW II Swords Daggers ans Knives

Replica World War II, WWI and Military Swords, Replica World War II Daggers, World War II knives, WW II Knives, Military Daggers, Gurkha Kukri Knife, German WW II Trench knife, SA Honor Dagger, German SS Leader Dagger, Deluxe Luftwaffe Dress Dagger, Luftwaffe Officer’s Dagger, Japanese WW II Naval Dirk, SS Schutzstaffel Elite Guard Dagger, Hitler Youth Dagger, Luftwaffe Officer’s Sword.


Replica WW II Swords Daggers ans Knives

.44 Magnum Bullet Knife - 12 Pack
See details
.44 Magnum Bullet Knife - 12 Pack
SKU: 07-850

Wasn’t sure where to put this unusual item on the website but, This piece of metal is the spittin' image of a real .44 Magnum Bullet. They are actually a Surgical Stainless Steel pocket knifes. The quality of these little knives is really good. These little knives are actually handy and useful as...

Our price: $60.00

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Genuine Leather Universal Sword Belt
See details
Genuine Leather Universal Sword Belt
SKU: 22-713

This cross shoulder sword belt fits most swords with scabbards. Adjustable leather straps snap closed to secure the scabbard, leaving your sword free to draw. Features: Full leather construction with metal hardware 3 adjustable leather scabbard straps Adjustable length One size fits all.

Our price: $88.00

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German WWII Mauser Bayonet
See details
German WWII Mauser Bayonet
SKU: 07-406

Replica German WWII Mauser Bayonet: This was the standard bayonet for the famous Mauser rifle during WW II, also known as the K98. Its features include metal grooved grips, a 9.5" blued blade with blood grove and a blued metal scabbard. Features: Length: 16" Weight: 1.4 lbs

Our price: $72.00

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Japanese WWII Arisaka Bayonet
See details
Japanese WWII Arisaka Bayonet
SKU: 07-407

Replica Bayonet Japanese WWII Arisaka: This famous bayonet was carried by Japanese troops from 1897 through WWII. It Has a Steel blade with blood grove, wood grips and a Metal Scabbard. Features: Length: 20.5", Weight: 1.5 lbs.

Our price: $64.00
Quantity Out of stock

Jungle Carbine Bayonet Decorator
See details
Jungle Carbine Bayonet Decorator
SKU: 22-4301

This decorator model of the famous Jungle Carbine bayonet has a cast metal blade and plastic grip. Features: Overall Length: 14.5" Blade: 9.5"

Our price: $40.00

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Robbins and Dudley Fighting Knife
See details
Robbins and Dudley Fighting Knife
SKU: 07-420

During WWI the firm of Robbins and Dudley filled the "Tommy's" need for easy to use in close quarters fighting knives. Aluminum hilted, high carbon double edged blade, very sharp. Includes standard top-grain leather scabbard sewn with waxed linen thread and brass hardware. Features: Blade: 6" Len...

Our price: $24.00
Quantity Out of stock

Shashka Cossack Cavalry Sabre
See details
Shashka Cossack Cavalry Sabre
SKU: 22-4135

This classic 19th century cavalry saber is a great prop, display or collectible. It was a favorite of the feared Russian Cossacks for decades. This sleek and ornate replica features antiqued brass engraved furniture, simulated ivory handle and 35" blade. Features, Overall Length:35". Blade:30"

Our price: $126.00

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