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Welcome to, Kick back and Relax. This is the place for Movie and Film Prop Weapons, Police and Military Training Weapons, Replica Gun Collectors, Reenactment Weapons, Replica Sword Collectors, Civil War Weapons Collectors and enthusiasts. Many of our Replica Guns are Blank Firing Guns including the new Front Firing Blank Firing Guns that fire Fame and Smoke from the end of the Barrel. We have the new high quality Blow Model Blank Guns. We offer an exciting selection of quality Replica Guns, Replica Swords, Knives and Daggers, Replica Cannons from Medieval Times, Revolutionary War/Colonial, Civil War, Wild West/Old West and World War II. It's much more than our super prices and great service that keeps our customers coming back. We offer one of best collections of Replica Weapons that can be found on the Internet!

Our vast selection of Replica Weapons include:

Replica Civil War Musket.gif

* Replica Guns From the swashbuckling days of pirates with deck clearing blunderbuss rifles to the present day Replica Automatic Assault Rifles, we have a huge selection of Replica Guns that have been Replicated to exact detail. Our Replica Gun Collections include Pistols, Rifles, Flintlocks and Muskets. We also have attractive framed Wild West Replica gun displays.

Replica Civil War Sword.gif

* Replica Swords: We also offer a huge selection of Replica Swords which include a Pirate's boarding cutlass, a large assortment of Medieval swords and Civil War swords. We even have Samurai swords. These museum quality Replica Swords are perfect for display, costumes and theatrical purposes.

Replica Weapons.gif

* Other Replica Weapons: You are sure to be impressed with our handsome displays of other Replica Weapons that include knives, daggers, miniature civil war cannons, Medieval battle axes, cross bows, letter openers, insignia medals & pendants and more!

Dedicated to our valued customers and our mission of preserving history. We provide great personal Service with People not Voice mails. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with all of our quality replica weapons.

We invite you to view our wide assortment of Replica Weapons by selecting the category of your choice in the link menu to the left.

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