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Here you can buy online civil war Replica Flintlock rifles, muskets, muzzle loaders, 1860 Enfield civil war Musketoon, cavalry carbine muzzle loader, replica French musket civil war flintlock, Kentucky flintlock rifle musket with bayonet, muzzle loader shotgun, replica Brown Bess muzzle flintlock rifle with bayonet, replica percussion revolving rifle, naval blunderbuss flintlock. These are non firing Replica Flintlock rifles.

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Replica Flintlock Rifles and Accessories Non Firing

Powder Horn.
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Powder Horn.
SKU: 30-100

Powder Horn: Made of real steer horn, this powder horn measures 10" and has removable wooden stopper and leather shoulder strap, Weight: 6 oz.

Our price: $25.00

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