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We have Civil War Historic boxed Sets for display, collectibles and gifts. We have Lee and Jackson Historic boxed set, Gettysburg set, Abraham Lincoln knife set, Lee and Grant watch set, Robert E Lee set, Confederate collectors knife set, Lee and Grant knife and watch set, Gettysburg Historic boxed knife, Civil war pocket watch, Lee commemorative bowie knife, Historic boxed dueling pistol set, English percussion dueling pistols set, Old West Bordello boxed Derringer set.


Civil War Historic Boxed Sets

Civil War Newspaper Reproduction
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Civil War Newspaper Reproduction
SKU: 30-80

Civil War News Paper Article Reproductions; This Unique Collection of Civil War News Paper articles features 15 full-size historical front pages with 60 total pages of Civil War coverage from 1860-1865. This is one of the most interesting Civil War Collectibles that we offer. Read what happened a...

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