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Replica Guns Swords :: Blank Gun Ammunition :: 9MM PA Blanks, 50 Pack

9MM PA Blanks, 50 Pack

9MM PA Blanks, 50 Pack 
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Pack of 50 9MMPA or 9MMPAK banks. 9MMPA and 9MMPAK are actually the same item. This is blank firing gun ammunition for our 9MMPA or 9MMPAK automatic Blank Firing guns only with the exception that our Zoraki Revolvers take 9MMPA blanks. Your Blank gun will have the correct type blanks used written on it. Our 9mm PA/9MMPAK Blanks are as loud as a Real Handgun Firing. If it says 9MMPA or 9MMPAK this is the correct blanks.
The Image and brand of blanks may vary but they will always be the correct, reliable high quality blanks.
Blanks can only ship ground. Blanks are marked down 25%


Price: $37.50


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