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Kentucky Flintlock Long Rifle Replica

Kentucky Flintlock Long Rifle Replica 
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The Kentucky Flintlock Long Rifle. This Historic Rifle was originally designed and built in Pennsylvania in the late 1700s and are beautifully crafted rifles that were popular from the Revolutionary War to well into the 19th century. They played an integral role in the early western expansion and are most often associated with Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett as their weapon of choice. The Kentucky Long rifle started the term “Long Guns” because of their length. All older large rifles are sometimes called long guns still today. The Kentucky rifle was one of the first weapons to feature a "rifled" bore which made it extremely accurate for its time and added distance a bullet could travel. This was a huge breakthrough in ballistics. It enabled a shooter to be more accurate and for more than twice the distance because of the rifled bores ability to slightly compress and spin the bullet from the barrel much like throwing a football instead of a volleyball. You will love this historic piece of American history. This is also a great gift idea for that hard to shop for person. Features: Length: 59" Weight: 5 lbs

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