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Replica Guns Swords :: Blank Firing Guns :: 38 Detective 3 Inch Revolver 380/9MM Blank Gun-Nickel

38 Detective 3 Inch Revolver 380/9MM Blank Gun-Nickel

38 Detective 3 Inch Revolver 380/9MM Blank Gun-Nickel 
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Our New 3 Barrel 38 Special Police Detective Model 5 Shot Revolver features newly developed finger grooved polymer grips for added fit and comfort. The 3 Detective fires single or double action and features a Swing out Cylinder for easy loading and ejecting. The Police Snub nose holds 5 of our loud 380/9MM blanks or our quieter 380/9MM half loads. When have you seen a 3 Barrel Revolver? I would guess never. You see 2, 4, 6 and even a few 8 but NOT 3 barrel revolvers. They are so rare that this is the first 3 barrel blank gun I have ever seen. That is why after verifying its quality I had to add it to our line of Blank Guns. Total Length, 7.75 Weight 2.2 lbs.

Click Here to Add 380/9mm Blank Ammunition for this blank gun model.

Click Here to Add the quieter 380/9mm HALF LOAD Blank Ammunition, both work 1/2 load is just quieter

Click Here to Add the quietest Stage load 380/9mm Blank Ammunition


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