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Excellent service, excellent products. Everything was delivered in a timely manner. I would recommend you any day. Thanks!

Andy Grilz
Salem, MA

I needed to get some replica swords and daggers for a theatrical production and had ordered them from a different company. I was 2 days away from the show opening and still hadn't gotten them; the company had misplaced my order! In desperation I searched on the internet and ran across Replica Guns swords. Not only did they get me their swords on time, but the selection & quality of the merchandise was by far superior and better priced than what I had ordered. I highly recommend them, and will definitely use them again the next time I need to secure props for a play.

Mark-Brian Sonna, Dallas TX.

While browsing for an unusual gift for my husband's birthday I came across Replica Guns Swords. Their site and products looked very unusual and interesting. Now we aren't the type that would usually be interested in a replica gun but the longer I looked the more interested I became. After all, a pistol called a "Peacemaker", now that's unusual! All of their items were beautiful and appealing. I thought it might make an unusual and attractive display item for our office. I took a chance and ordered it. He loved it! The delivery was within three days even with regular UPS ground. Replica Guns Swords even monitored the shipping and emailed me that it had been delivered to my front door. Now that is service! I highly recommend Replica Guns Swords.

Collin and Dawn M., Miami Fl.

I had the pleasure of having Larry help me select a gift for my husband. He was very knowledgeable. My product arrived on the date promised. E-mails kept me current on my purchase. I would strongly recommend. Replica Guns Swords.

Eileen B., Mebane, NC

It was three days till my husband's birthday... I had several blunderbuss pistols ordered at another establishment. It seemed everything was good to go, when I got a letter at the 11th hour. The pistols (as well as anything else I could think of to purchase) were on back order, and wouldn't be available for 3 weeks! What to do? I had ordered them with plenty of time to spare, a month and a half in advance actually, and was at a loss. I cancelled the order, and then went looking for another place to buy them. I found the Replica Guns Swords site quite by random chance through Google. I wrote a quick email explaining my problem. Larry wrote back promptly with a list of all the pistols that they had in stock. I placed my order, doubt growing in my mind that they would get here in time despite my best intentions. Larry not only got the order out immediately, but managed get it to me in two days. It arrived just in time!

Thanks guys for making the shopping experience a pleasure!

A. Kantor, NJ

I decided one day before Halloween to attend a costume party Halloween night and wanted a flintlock pistol and Pirate sword to complete the outfit. I had been very busy all that day and couldn't take the time to shop. While waiting to catch a flight I pulled up Replica Guns Swords on my laptop. I called and asked if I could for sure get the items over knighted to me. To be certain he checked his inventory and called me back. It was already 4:20 PM where he is located. He called back and said it could be done but we must hurry. I had to get on the plane but told him to pick out the items and place the order and I would call to verify when I arrived at my next leg of the flight. I called, he had placed the order, it had been shipped and he had me a UPS tracking number. The next morning he called me on my cell phone to tell me that the shipment was sitting in my garage. That's service! The items were beautiful. I highly recommend Replica Guns Swords.

Drake N., Loma Linda Ca.

We had a pleasant experience dealing with Replica Guns Swords. Their web site was easy to browse. Everything was clearly marked. We liked the quality and prices of their products. Our items were delivered as promised. They even sent us an email with the tracking number. We will use them again and recommend them highly.

Tom and Laura D., Corning NY

I needed a pirate flintlock pistol for Halloween and was running out of time. Every site seemed to be out of them. I emailed to ask if they really had any and if I could get it within a week. Larry emailed back the stock numbers of what was in stock and said to call if I wanted to, he was up. It was 11:30 Friday night. I called and we picked out one and I placed the order. It did get here in plenty of time. Replica Guns Swords is a great place to shop.

Marcus W. Flint, Michigan

I don't shop on the web much but my brother kept talking about these replica swords. I didn't know where to find them. I wanted to get him a special birthday gift. I started looking at different sites on the web. I had some questions so I called the phone number on the Replica Guns Swords site. Sherry was very helpful. She answered my questions and even took my order on the phone so I didn't have to go through the check out. The Pirate boarding cutlass was even prettier than the picture and my brother loves it. Replica Guns Swords is easy to deal with and you can depend on what they say.

Helen P., Kokomo, In.

I have dealt with Replica Guns Swords twice. Their products and prices are good. I have always gotten my items on time and you can even call them. I will use them any time I need replica weapons or collectibles and recommend them.

Malcolm T., Boca Raton, Fl.

At Replica Guns Swords I found their site very user easy to get around in. The products were laid out easy to get to and read. Their pictures seemed detailed and the prices were good. After calling with questions I placed the order and felt good about it. I recommend these people.

Hank J., Lubbock, TX.

My son kept talking about these swords that his friends were collecting. After much convincing on his part I decided to look on the web. We came across the Replica Guns Swords site. I was impressed with the site and it was easy to browse. I liked the Lady Guinevere picture in the medieval section. The swords looked nice. When they got here they even looked better than the picture. We will shop here again. We were pleased with everything!

Beverly S., Charlotte, NC

I got exactly what was ordered. I got it on time and there were no problems. All of the items got here and I liked them.

Thomas K., Rochester, NY

I ordered three different times from three different sites. It took forever to find out my stuff was back ordered for two months. I kept getting answering machines. I cancelled those orders. I wanted to try one more time because I wanted a couple guns and a sword for presents. I called Replica Guns Swords and was still plenty mad about the problems I had been having. Larry assured me that he would tell me exactly what I could get right away and when it would be delivered. I was glad that they are a Louisiana website! Everything he said was true. We got it all here and are very happy with it. I highly recommend Replica Guns Swords.

Kevin, S, Baton Rouge, La.

Hi Larry,

I received my order this morning and I am very happy with the quality of it. It is for my husband for Christmas and he will like it, I'm sure. Thank you for your professional service.

Laura K., Pittstown New, Jersey

I was worried if the fast draw pistols looked and felt real. I was more than happy when they got here. The service was great. I will use Replica Guns Swords again.

Tommy R., Salt Lake City, Utah

I recommend the Replica Guns Swords site. They have a good selection and I found everything I needed right there. Everything got here on schedule. The products are very nice.

Randy M., Ft.Walton, Beach Fl.

I wanted to know a little bit more about some items before I ordered. I got a person on the line instead of an answering devise. They answered all my questions. The products are good. I recommend Replica Guns Swords.

Jose R., Corpus Christi, TX.

Thanks so much for being on top of my order and keeping me posted of the process at every turn from the one back ordered item to delivery. We still got everything in plenty of time as promised. It makes such a difference and it is refreshing to find a company today that actually cares about its customers and their concerns.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Joan and Doug W., Encinitas, California

I received the order today and the quality of the merchandise is better than expected!  I'll spread the word around about your site. I will also tell all the Civil War re enactors that we know about you. You can bet that my son and I will order from you again. Thanks for the great service!

John Feagin, Colombia, Maryland

I just wanted to let you know that the Deadwood and gun framed set arrived
yesterday.  It was even better than I had hoped!  I'm sure my Dad will be very pleased with his gift and I can't wait to give it to him. Thanks a million for your great customer service!  It's too bad that more businesses don't follow your example.  I will definitely order from you in the future whenever I am in the market for any type of replica gun or sword.  Also, I will be sure to tell everyone I know about your company and its quality service and products!
Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

Ken S., Miami, Fl

Received the gun the other day and wanted to let you know that is absolutely beautiful. Look for us to order more of these in the future. I Wanted to say thank you for your prompt service.
Mary K., Spout Spring, Va.

I've received the replica Walther pistol that will be used as a stage prop today, and am pleased with the craftsmanship. I'll certainly visit your site again and recommend it to others.
Roger M., Colombia Maryland

Hello Larry,

We received your shipment yesterday. The letter openers and stone stands are wonderful! The groomsmen at my daughter's wedding will think they are great and very fitting with our royal theme. Thank you for all of you help. Take care.

Sherry H., Mission Viejo California

Thank you for expediting my order. I am very pleased and satisfied with the items that I've purchased through your web site and look forward to making more purchases in the very near future.

Tyrone M., Bronx, NY

! Thanks Larry!

I got the order conf. # yesterday and all looks fine. I'll touch down soon for odds and ends, I know I forgot something! Larry, thanks for your attention. Our shoestring company needs people like you who are concious about their business and the relationships that come with it. It's always a pleasent suprise when somebody does it right! We will be back for more.

Thanks again-

Lee M., Kokomo, In.

Hi Larry,

I appreciate the quality of your products and the expeditious delivery. In response to your request for photos of my method of display, I will be happy to take care of that just as soon as I finish my acquisitions. Happy Fourth of July to you and family



Received the pistol today and it is extremely impressive. Thanks again. I'm glad the other web site was down and I never completed the order. I'm sure I will have a lot of fun with it at the wedding along with my Wyatt Earp outfit .

Bob C.

I must say that your store has top notch customer service. With very few other online stores have I ever seen such great service. I also like the fact that you tell me which day my order should arrive. Thank you and keep up the good work.



I received the Bangsite and spark plug today x 2. Thank you for remedying the situation quickly. Additionally, I received your "thank you" card. I appreciate your customer service and will ensure I tell people about your company. It is rare that I have received customer service such as yours. Thank you!

Kirk K.

I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed my experience in dealing with your company; from the user-friendly web design, to your intelligent and personable customer service, in addition to the high-quality of your products. You've just earned a repeat customer! Great job, and thank you!!!

Matt G., San Antonio Tx.

Larry, thanks ever so much for expediting the civil war era boots. They fit perfectly and definitely was an outstanding addition to my CSA Uniform. Not only did they fit perfectly, but they were very comfortable, allowing me to dance the night away. Can't wait to go to the Blue and Gray Ball now, a yearly event up here in Virginia. I will be back for more items!

Thanks again,

Fred G.

I received my order today. Thanks for the fast delivery and excellent customer service. You will have all of my business in the future. Thanks again!

Paul C.

OK, you guys are the best!!!! I loved both of the prop guns, and the Hitler youth knife is perfect!!! Both of my Axis and Allies collection are growing and your items are the best of any I have seen. Unfortunately, I am afraid I am spending too much money at your site and I am going to spend even more!!! I didnít see one on your site but do you have any of the U.S. grenades not on a display board. I just want one like you sent me with the potato masher. The only one I saw on your site was mounted on wood. So if you have them, let me know cause I would like to order one. Thanks again. You guys are the best anywhere!!!!

Jason C


Thanks again for all of your help. I am sooooo looking forward to my next order. Also, if you come across any WWII U.S. or British swords or presentation daggers please let me know ASAP!!! You have been a godsend and trust me, I have scoured the internet and by far your prices are by far the best anywhere. Iím just glad you donít do medals or uniforms because I would have to take out a loan from the bank!!! If you have a mailing list for new items please let me know. I still want a German Luger prop gun and when they come in stock just send me the invoice so I can order it right away. Also, if you have any customers that need a reference on your company you can give them my email or phone number and I will be more than happy to let them know how good your stuff is. Thank you again for all of your help and the personal touch. Actually, I was shocked that you had called me to inform me you were out of stock on a dagger I wanted instead of just an email. I wish more companies would take the time to do that.

Warmest regards,
Jason C (again)

Dear Mr. Shelton,

Thank you for your excellent customer service. The product I ordered from your website arrived last Saturday on time and in perfect condition. I'm very pleased with my purchase and will for sure recommend you to others. Again, great customer service!!!!!!

F.C. N., Estero, Florida

MAN you were not lying the gun is nice i"ll be getting another one from you by the end of the month. THANK YOU...............I think next I will try one of your revolvers.

Michael S., Los Angeles, Ca.

My Movie turned out great thanks to Replica Gun Swords, The actions scenes blew the croud out of their seats and thanks to Replica Guns i didn't have to tell anyone my secret movie effects...(they thought it was computer animation...hehe..) THnaks alot guys, i will consider choosing Replica Gun Swords for my next movie premie. THanks Alot!

Paul D., Ontario Canada


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