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Replica Guns Swords :: Blank Firing Guns :: Zoraki Front Firing Blank Guns

Zoraki Blank Firing Guns have been brought back into the USA by popular demand. All of our Zoraki Blank Guns are 9MMPA Front Firing blank guns. We have Fully automatic Zoraki Blank Guns and we have Zoraki Revolvers in front firing 9MMPA. Zoraki blank firing guns were very popular and successful when we had them a few years ago. People have been asking for us to bring them back so we are finally able to get them again. About Zoraki; Zoraki, ATAK Arms, is the Worlds Premier Manufacturer of Blank Firing Guns. Zoraki was formed in 2006 by two Veteran designers of blank gun in the Blank Gun Manufacturing Industry. Many consider the quality and Reliability of Zoraki Blank Guns the best there is. Zoraki blank guns are a great choice for Theatrical blank guns for film and Theatre as well as Firearms Training for Military and Law Enforcement as well as private firearm training and safety instructors. They are used for dog and horse training as well as athletic event starter pistols. They are also just plain fun for hobby and collectors. We have Fully Automatic as well as semi automatic blank guns and Revolver blank guns in 2. 2.5 3 4 and 6 Barrels. All of our Zoraki blank guns are front firing and fire 9MMPA 9MMPAK (same thing) blanks. Browse through our great selection in the next few pages below.

25% discount on all items at check out!

Zoraki Front Firing Blank Guns

ZORAKI M914 Satin Front Firing Semi Automatic 9MMPA Blank Gun
See details
ZORAKI M914 Satin Front Firing Semi Automatic 9MMPA Blank Gun
SKU: Zoraki-914S

Our New Zoraki Satin 914 Semi Automatic 9MMPA Blank Guns Features Semi automaticwith Double Action Mechanism locked by hardened steel side button when clip is empty Magazine release button at the bottom Hardened steel reinforced cock Steel-reinforced zinc alloy mechanism (slide) Polym...

Market price: $148.00
Our price: $111.00 save 25%
Out of stock

ZORAKI R16 Blank Firing Front Firing 9MMPA Revolver
See details
ZORAKI R16 Blank Firing Front Firing 9MMPA Revolver
SKU: Zoraki-R16

ZORAKI R16 Blank Firing Front Firing 9MMPA Revolver 6" Barrel Zoraki R16 Front Firing Revolver 6" Barrel Revolver 9MMPA Get a load of this big ole thing! Features Double Action Cylinder (drum) release button at the side Steel / zinc alloy shell extractor Steel / zinc alloy cylinder...

Market price: $183.00
Our price: $137.00 save 25%

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